“On April 8, 2016 while on an 11 mile training run preparing for the Iron Man St. Croix 70.3, I felt my left hamstring tightened up.  I took a week off and again tried to get a training run in, same result, another week or rest an much to my dismay, the same result.  I made a mad dash to my local (Marinette, WI) Physical Therapist and got some work done, while there he mentioned a great Physical Therapist that he knew on St. Croix.  While I was being seen by the massage therapist, my local PT got in contact with Zandra for Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix and let her know my situation and dilemma. Zandra informed him to pass along her contact info and for me to get in touch with her.  The next afternoon, I reached out to Zandra and got an appointment set up for Friday (2 days before the race), with my hamstring still somewhat tight and a bit sore from the treatment and worried about my ability to finish the 70.3.  On Friday April 29, I arrived at Zandra’ s office and was greeted very kindly with a Good Mornin! I filled out the necessary paperwork and waited about 5 minutes in the waiting room.  It was shortly after that, that I met Zandra.  Right from the onset of the appointment I felt very comfortable and confident that she would be able to help me out.  She had me start with a quick cardio warm-up and then got with to work with ultra-sound and stretching.  That was followed by some very intense trigger point therapy to help the muscle relax and release.  Zandra gave me some great exercises to do up to and after the race.  I left feeling very confident that I’d be able to not only finish the race, but do pretty well.  Over the next 36 hours I stretched and relaxed as much as possible and soon it was race day.  I knew I’d be fine during the swim and bike so as the race began I was well aware that no verdict on my hamstring would be given for about another 4:10.  I completed the swim with no issues and moved onto the bike, with the Beast looming and another 35 miles after that I kept praying that the work I had done with Zandra would be enough.  Just over 4 hours into the race I finished the bike and was about to put the hamstring to the test.  I set out on my 13.1 mile run out East End Rd and around the Buccaneer ( 2 loops), after completing the first 6.5 mile loop, my hamstring felt fine and I knew I was going to finish, but could I finish strong? Would the hamstring hold up the rest of the way? The Answer was yes! It held up, and I not only able to compete in and finish the race, but I had also beaten the personal goal I had set for a finish time, St. Croix 70.3 in under 7 hours.  This would not have been possible without the help of my new friend, Zandra.  Since the race I have been out running 3 times during the race and have experienced no further issues.  I want to thank Zandra and her staff for making me feel welcome.  They didn’t treat me like a foreigner from Wisconsin, they treated me like a neighbor and friend.  If  you are ever in St. Croix and need to begin or continue PT, look no further than the amazing people at Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix, and most importantly, Zandra!  Thank you for all you helped me accomplish!”

-Edmond J.  Rowe, IronMan 70.3 Competitor


May 7, 2017, I am a 64- year old, year-round resident on St. Croix since 2003. In the past year, 2016, it was necessary for me to have two extensive fusion surgeries: September 2016 lumbar spinal fusion, and December 2016 a multi-level cervical fusion. Each are serious and extensive, resulting in placement of permanent internal appliances. The after care, especially the required rehab exercise and learned body mechanics, are critical to the success of living with post-fusion surgery. Since I had a successful initial lumbar spinal fusion surgery in 2001, while living in No. Texas, I returned to my neurosurgeon for my surgeries in 2016. At the end of October, when it was recommended I begin rehabilitation, my neurosurgeon was reluctant to release me to return home. He wanted me to be assured of quality rehabilitation to benefit my post-surgical progress. (We were already aware and I was scheduled to return to Texas in early December for my multi-level cervical fusion surgery.) The overall health and maneuverability improvement for me was imperative. My husband and I had met and interacted with Zandra Ramtahal and her family in social settings, several times, over our years living on St. Croix. We have mutual friends, and knew Zandra to be a very pleasant, intelligent, person of extremely good character – and, who happens to have a rehabilitation facility on St. Croix. I was extremely confident in convincing my surgeon to release me to return home and into the care of Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix. When I first arrived at RSSC to begin my rehab I was greeted by Wanda, who is THE perfect first impression of this facility and each person employed within. She has a warm, engaging smile, completely welcoming, and helpful with what to do. The wait area is clean, comfortable, cheerful, and has great local artwork on the walls! Once inside the rehab area itself, the atmosphere from the entrance continues … the patients each greeting one another with a smile on their face. It doesn’t take a new comer long to realize that each therapist is well educated and experienced, and the equipment well maintained. They develop an individualized program based on your physicians notes and your specific circumstances and desired results, as well as being tuned in to your best ability and day-to-day issues. In addition to the therapists, there are those RSSC employees with other contributions that assist in patient rehab health. That brings me to Genevieve, aka: Gen. Everyone knows and loves Gen. She helps with equipment, your individual exercise program, and communication with your therapist. Gen accommodates conversation, humor, and compassion, all with a smile that lights up the entire area. I returned to Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix twice, after each of my fusion surgeries. It is my profound opinion that RSSC is a superior rehab facility with educated, experienced, compassionate individuals who work there. I am truly PROUD we have such a quality rehab facility on St. Croix. There is no hesitation in my recommendation of RSSC to anyone. I believe my post-surgery quality of life is improved each day due to their experience and dedication. Thank you, Zandra, and each of the RSSC staff for all you’ve done for me. Sincerely, Ellen M. Waldman St. Croix, USVI

     – Ellen M. Waldman St. Croix, USVI