Curriculum vitae

Academic Degrees:




Dr Joseph obtained a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Springfield College in 1997. He then worked in the outpatient orthopedic physical therapy setting, specializing in sports medicine and is a consultant for many professional and collegiate teams. Dr. Joseph completed a dual PhD in Exercise Physiology and Sports Biomechanics at the University of Connecticut in 2008, ranked the #1 doctoral program in Kinesiology nationally. Research interests include tendon biology and pathology, biomechanics related to injury prevention and tissue health, and clinical effectiveness of physical therapy interventions. Dr. Joseph teaches clinical pathology and musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment to Doctor of Physical Therapy students as well as an advanced course in musculoskeletal pathology and tissue repair that he developed for graduate students within the Kinesiology department. Mick moved to St. Croix USVI in 2016 where he works part-time in community rehabilitation at Rehab Services of St. Croix and enjoys all aspects of island life.

Dr. Joseph is on the board of directors for CT-FEAT (Connecticut Families for Effective Autism Treatment) and is an advocate for parents seeking appropriate intervention and education throughout the state.

Funded Research:

Cellular and molecular investigation of tendon disease

Biomechanics of tendon across different activity levels

Biomechanics of tendon pathology

Biomechanical comparison of tendon in men and women

Injury prevention

Effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions

Effect of exercise and compression on joint attention and academic achievement in youngsters with autism